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[QUOTE=surebet;1516299]Simple rule of thumb: if there is even a remote chance of a non-player seeing you with guns or gear, don't.QUOTE]

No problem there, the thought of playing out of a proper set up area, doesn't even come to mind.

@DEATH2000 Thank-you, I have already made a visit to laser trek, since I used to live accross the street. I was there last week having a long conversation with the owner (i assume) of the place. and had a look at the guns on the wall.

Since my talk of airsoft I have a few other freinds interested to, between the ages of 25 and 36, so it should not be a problem playing, since maturity will not be a problem.

Thanks again, now back to reading need to figure out if I want to invest in sniper gear or go with a Famas and suitable gear.
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