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New here from Airdrie, Alberta

Hello everyone, just wanted to post to say hi and thank-you all for a ton of reading material. The wife is a bit mad that I have been reading all night for many weeks.

I am looking at getting back into airsoft out here, and that brings us to why I am on this site reading away. Although I am not new to airsoft I am new to what I call city rules. Since I am from a remote town of 900 people with each family owning hundreds of acres paintball/airsoft was never an legal issue to us heck shooting real rifles in the middle of summer was locally acceptable, although we were always safe, we abviously broke all the laws that we were not familar with, rednecks I guess. But since now I live out west I am catching up on all the stuff I never knew about location, rules, game stratigies and places to play, and the fact that no just cause grandma ones a few acres you probably can not play there.

The only thing I am trying to wrap my head around is that amazing amount of guns out there now and sifting through them all for some gems.

Once my family and I get the last of our gear, I hope to meet some of you out on the field. :infantry:

Take care
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