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I don't try to get it down, but I have seen someone doing it before =| Or did I dream? xD

LoL You are right ^^

=| Did anyone here just read the part where I've got people to play with? That's a community, with underage and major people. Some have pricey guns, even some underages that you can only buy being AV

I know that, that's the reason of my question!

That's common sense! But here again, it won't be me that will buy it. But a parent!

I'm not asking about countermeasures, and since I'm not a know-it-all or a super high IQ dude, I'm sure a lot of people done that before! And I'm sure some even did it successfully! But I won't try to cheat the system. I'll buy a gun otherway like used one. If I see an underage selling his branded airsoft aeg(like a metal receiver CA/TM/Etc.) , did his parents got AV'ed? Just asking ^^

EDIT: hugo, I know, that's what I will do I think ^^
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