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Our house, our rules. The AV system is a community based initiative, don't try to argue it. You'll only get yourself burnt in the eyes of most of the people here.

Another way of seeing it is going on a car forum and try to argue your way into a driver's licence at 14. Not going to work.

Contact game organizers in your region, politely request to observe, if you demonstrate a proper attitude some might let you in.

You'll have better traction if a parent plays. The operational word here is play. Not drop you off to the game, not hang around while the game runs, but actually grab a gun and play.

Also, you can be sure 007 is going to ask for ID, clear or not.

EDIT: Don't think you are the first kid to think of sending a parent for AV, the are countermeasures in the system to guard against that. Don't ask.
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