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Well... They are not gun under 400FPS =| And they are replica firearms according to the law and in many international communities they say "say airsoft replica not gun" so yeah... that's why I called it replica, forgive me then.

If he plays with me? Wasn't it 18+ to buy an airsoft?

I know. I read that many times
That's what I plan to do. And I have fields where I can play.

Hmm I understand this fact, I am able to wait, but if I could get hold of a nice TM or less pricey CYMA, why not try to ask?

I'm really into gun culture, airsofting, and would like to help the sport, not helping killing it. That's why I asked the question before doing it without saying it before the AV'ing meeting between my father and the AV'er. I would like to use a RS but it's less practical than a replica. Because, there's less shooting ranges than fields to play airsoft and the fact that a RS is way more deadly than a aeg.
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