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Hmm I couldn't answer with my account... So I created another account -_- Sorry, wasn't wanting to create two accounts but to answer I needed to =|

So. I already seen here, a guy that bought a replica from a seller that is on this forum and his father was with him. He was 16 if I remember well. I understand that! I just asked that since my situation is different from a troll that want to buy a replica to play in his backyard and his parents to think that's only a toy!

Hmm well, the gun I would buy is full metal... And yeah, you did not read the whole post hm? I won't be mad, but like I said, I will play with a group of people, on a paintball field! The minimal age is 15 y.o. And I know about owning a replica without being able to play it.

I know that, I waited 2 years already!
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