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Can you clear this thing for me please?

Before I start: I am underage, I know how you guys see underage people playing airsoft and posting newbie questions.

Oh and I do have my flame-proof suit on ^^

And now for a little introduction that could maybe clear some question you may have about my situation, that could maybe help you answer me better.

I have 15, in some months 16. I know there's like 99% of the fields that won't allow me to play. I already have a field. And no, it's not a public field, it's mostly Paintball fields or fields that aren't accessible by a non-player.

Also, I won't cheap out on safety gear! I know the dangers of airsoft, I already have a fullface JT airsoft mask and a JT Paintball Mask(The one with yellow tint that is sold at Canadian tire, if I can find them xD) not sure about the resistance... If someone knows if it support great airsoft impacts? I may buy ballistic goggles with a lower face protector ^^
And my father is really nice with that, if I don't put on face protection when shooting or near someone who shoots a gun/replica or didn't empty the mag AND the chamber, I lose my right to use it! I understand the reason too ^^ Talking of him, I got him trying my crappy S&W M4505 from CyberGun I would like to share a new passion with him, airsofting =)

A little shooting background for me, I tried a airgun on a a 25m(I think it's 25, maybe 20?) shooting range(okay for cadets at a school gym) and did all bulls eye.(I know, that's not hard, but for my first time shooting something other than a nerf gun, that's not bad?) And I shot my M4505 in my indoor range(read, a bedroom xD) of like 10m, always closed the doors of my room, put on my goggles and warned my family! And also outdoor, in a forest(we can't see the forest from the street, and I didn't shoot while facing the street. If those two failed, my gun wasn't painted at that time ^^) That's pretty much all my shooting board...

I have read pretty much all the stickies, if the answer of my question was in a sticky, well... I forgot the answer, or it was for a trolling young boy who think they can import guns from a US seller... I did a little search, but I did not really know what to search for, so I searched for "parent" xD Okay it took me to thread where some people were flaming non-av'ed underage people XD

Finally, my question!
I know that there's sellers that doesn't require me to be AV'ed on Airsoft Canada, or my father in this case, only a proof of age. Or sites like 007airsoft where you can buy clear lower without being AV'ed.
My question is, can my father be AV'ed to buy me an airsoft replica(notice that I used the right term!) in the classifieds?
He would be supervising me while using it, and also I wouldn't use it outside fields, or it would be a wall hanger without any airsoft bb's in it!(And with no battery)

Also, my budget is like 600$, for replica and safety gear. (I thought I could buy an APS AKS-74N, but there's only bad reviews in this site, and on other sites, reviews are good, like a good starter gun, but look out for green internals and overpowered spring! If my father get AV'ed, I could buy a CYMA)

Sorry for the brick of text I did, but I did not wanted to sound like a troll, so I wrote all I could to show you that I'm serious about airsoft, I have been chairsofting for like 2 years!
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