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Originally Posted by Thebrick534 View Post
I am getting a good battery now but can anyone answer how to tell a battery has good amperage? Cause my 1100 MaH battery right now has the ROF of a freakin 7.2v. I also have a large type 8.4v that dont use anymore and it fires like an 8.4v. Anyone able to help with this.
To put it simply;

MaH = how long it will last. has nothing to do with rate of fire

Batteries come in different voltages(7.4v lipo, 8.4v nimh, 9.4v nimh, 11.1v lipo) with different discharges(15c and 20c average), both of these have everything to do with rof.

The more voltage and discharge, the higher the ROF and chance of it killing your gun.

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