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Why not take your information in a bit more slowly, read what people are telling you.

Lipos are good, just specific in their application. In short; dont fuck around with your lipos. I.E don't be a cheap fuck.

Batteries get expensive, everything get expensive and if you continue striving to be a cheapass about every little thing you won't get very satisfactory results.

Spend money on GOOD lipos, GOOD chargers and PROPER means to take care of them. Otherwise you're going to continually spend your little sums on substandard batteries and outweigh the cost for something that'd actually last you a while.

25 dollars for a standard battery isn't much. You spend 20 bucks for 4000 Bb's that only last a while, I wouldn't imagine you to buy cheap, crappy .12g bb's by bulk simply because they are lower cost and 'do the same thing'.

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