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Originally Posted by kennysteez View Post
so basically its a good starter gun as long as i up grade piston and piston head and spring?
im still worried i bought a $hit gun and wasted my money
Welcome to the club, most players buy a G&G as their first Airsoft, their is a lot worse. The good news is that you got an M4 and it's compatible with tokyo marui (TM). Since most hi-end companies are compatible with TM you can change almost anything that breaks for something better.

My advice, dont change anything, use this Airsoft to learn more about the sport and the technology. When it breaks fix it if it's not too expensive, if it's not broken dont mess with it. Eventually it will either become a Frankenstein with parts from a few select manufacturers like Systema (Gearbox) or it will become your second airsoft to loan to friends or you will sell it to finance the purchase of a better airsort.

Most players buy the wrong airsoft and sell it off after their first season anyway. So stop bashing yourself, you have stumbled into the secret airsoft club.

Take care and learn from your mistakes young padawan;P
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