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imo there is a better starter gun for almost half the price, (VA m4) but you've already bought it, so you can only live with it and enjoy it for what it is. Having regrets now would be pretty useless.

Does it shoot? go have fun till it breaks.

When it breaks, fix it and make it better so it shoots again... go have more fun till it breaks again or you decide you want to move on, rinse, repeat.

If you add optics or anything else to it and mags... those can carry forward to your next gun depending what you get... look at it this way: The gun is a wear and tear item, much like a car, but with possibly a far shorter lifespan. And just like a car, it's a money pit because of upkeep or maintenance. Money you put in, you'll never get back if you sell it, so you can only enjoy it for what it is, and what you put into it.

At some point, you will have to come to a decision to either sell it or retire it because cost of maintaining it is getting higher or you aren't finding it enjoyable anymore... just like a car.
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