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I do like the ability of MOLLE. You can have any number of different pouches, such as TACO or standard, shingles etc. and it can be perfected for your load-out. Makes reloading substantially faster (for me anyway).

Though I find myself using webbing/static vests a lot. I run around and need to keep pretty low profile, so webbing for me works great. Only issue is with reloading, takes a bit of practice since webbing generally uses buckles/snaps as opposed to velcro.

My MOLLE setups were great for CQB or direct action, but carrying all that bulk around in a forest for hours was a drawback (especially double stacked TACO's, try crawling under a log with that!). Webbing was super light and allowed me to keep fairly low profile.

You won't complain if you get MOLLE though. It's very adaptive and it's a good thing for someone who's getting started. Static vests are good for people who know what they want out of a vest, where as MOLLE will teach you what you want.

My 2 cents.
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