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Originally Posted by NexNova View Post
  • I want to buy Tokyo Marui because that's what I'm used to, but I'm having a hard time finding a retailer, the Canadian ones seem all to have G&G...
    TMs are quite overpriced around here. You'd be better looking at the other offerings... VFC, CA, G&G, ARES, etc... are quite easily found.

    You'll find more guns once you've had your age verified and updated on here with the classifieds.
  • reading the legal FAQ I guess I can't (shouldn't try) to bring my personal TM AK47S on an airplane from Italy right?
    Short answer: Exactly, you can't.
    Long answer: actually there are ways to legally do so, but it ain't worth the trouble.

  • Are players mostly organized in private teams that organize tournaments so if you're not in a team no chance to play or is it more free form? meaning you can just sign up as a private and show up?
    Most players play as independents. We do not have any kind of tournaments (except practical shooting, but that's totally another thing). You just join whatever side you want. Teams are totally optional.

  • Last question which hope is not too controversial... Are there around a lot of hot heads in the scene? meaning aggressive fanatics that think they are rambo? we had a few clans like that in Italy and it kind of poisoned the scene for a while
    Nope, those mostly get banned pretty quick. Since game hosts have an association, if he's banned by the hosts association, his airsoft career is pretty much over in the province of Quebec.

Answers in green above.
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