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Canadian n00b scratching his head :)

Hello everyone,

I've recently moved to Canada, more precisely Montreal, I used to play airsoft in Italy and would like to get right back into it.

I've been reading around and googleing quite a bit but I'm still pretty much in the dark:
  • I want to buy Tokyo Marui because that's what I'm used to, but I'm having a hard time finding a retailer, the Canadian ones seem all to have G&G...
  • reading the legal FAQ I guess I can't (shouldn't try) to bring my personal TM AK47S on an airplane from Italy right?
  • Are players mostly organized in private teams that organize tournaments so if you're not in a team no chance to play or is it more free form? meaning you can just sign up as a private and show up?
  • Last question which hope is not too controversial... Are there around a lot of hot heads in the scene? meaning aggressive fanatics that think they are rambo? we had a few clans like that in Italy and it kind of poisoned the scene for a while

Thanks a lot for the help in advance,

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