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Most of what you will get here is bashing for new guys. So don't stress it. A few will pop in with some good advice though. Don't buy into the harsh words some use, it's fun for them to be cruel and serves no purpose. As most did point out, be mindfull of the old term "you get what you pay for". I like to bargan shop and have made lots of great deals but I shop with patience. Deals will not be quick to pop up. Try suggesting a budget you'd like to shop within $ wise. This may allow others to get what you are aiming for instead of using the term cheap. This will allow people experienced in buying to direct you to some mid range brands. Not the top shelf but not the bottom rung.

Keep a stiff upper lip when dealing with bashers and take some good advice as you see it. The issue with not knowing if you don't know. Read between the lines and good luck Brick!
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