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To start playing:

300$ for the AEG (Ares Umarex G36C)
Boots (dry), pants/shirt (Woodland) - 120$ at surplus
Already had a motorola talkabout
2 batteries, 4 mags, 1 charger - 120$ at ehobby
I wear glasses, so the mask was a bit of a problem to find. Finally got a TM Pro Goggle - 80$ - ehobby
Tactival vest - 96$ at ebairsoft
Pouches for G36 mags - 29$ at ebairsoft
PTT for motorola radio - something like 50$ with headset.

SoooooOOOoo: 795$.
You might add some Canadian Tire boots to that, for rainy weather. Something like 30$.

Knowing what I know now, I would have forgone the tactical vest. Simply would have bought a belt to wear the pouches. The rest is fine.

Now, what I've bought since then... that's a whole different story.
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