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Holy mad space shit batman. You've been told that playing in the Lethbridge area is pretty much a no go. You've had a link posted for you regarding the bylaws for the Lethbridge area. L473ncy already stated where your best option for playing was and you still don't quite seem to be able to connect the dots.

You've obviously failed on multiple levels to check the stickies on the forums. You've pretty much failed at using Google to seek out airsoft in your (or relatively close) area(s).

You've already mentioned Canadian Tire and made what I think was some reference to purchasing or acquiring some form of possible clear projectile device that passes in a 12 year olds hands as an airsoft gun. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd then made mention that being 16 was ....wait, I need to quote you on this. I'm not quite the word smith you are.

"i dont think we need to be over 18 which most of us arent, but 16s mature enough to know wtf to do."

Geezus Monkey Buddha Jesus you couldn't be more wrong.
Most places won't let you play unless you're 18. If you're 16 you might luck into a facility or game that allows for minors to play provided a parent is present during the game and signs a waiver for them.

16 is not, as you so put it "old enough to know wtf to do."

You are not old enough to know wtf to do as proof by your continued posting.
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