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If you buy anything labelled "airsoft", especially a battery or charger, you will overpay.

Almost all the makers are in China. They usually have a rather high quality standard and will only put their label on the stuff that is good.

Then, on chineses places like hobbyking, you will find all the batteries that did not pass quality control of the big brands.

The ones that are too cheap even for hobbyking (check their "Grade B" LiPos) are then sold in bulk to random guys, who then proceed to sell them twice the price they paid as "Genuine" or "Bulk"... Sure they are made by reputable companies such as Kokam, but they are soo shitty that no one want to sell them in his shop.

I would buy a Zippy LiPo at Hobbyking anytime. But I would never buy the "same" Zippy LiPo off ebay, because 80% of chances are that theses are sub-par.

Remember, if it smells like shit, looks like shit and taste like shit, it probably is shit. And you can get the cheapest shit on earth on eBay!
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