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Originally Posted by Thebrick534 View Post
Man to me though they just seem to overpriced especially along all our other overpriced airsoft products in Canada but hey. Whatta supposed to do. Since it's only 14 bucks i'll order one from Hong Kong and see how it holds up and if it truly fails me in a very short amount of time then i'll get a good battery. Also the brand of the battery i want is super power but i'm willing to risk 14$. Not that big of a deal.
Let look at this rationally and compare.

At Best Buy 2x rechargable C batteries are $14.99, You are saying a rechargable battery with 6 cells at $22 is over priced.

Lets do the math:

$14.99 x 3 (2 per pack 6 cells in a 8.4V) = $44.97 plus tax.

If you can't afford a $22 battery then you can't afford to play. Why because it means you can't afford necessities like proper eye protection and footware.

I'm not trying to be an asshole here, you asked for help and I'm trying my best to give you good advice. You get what you pay for, don't buy an obviously inferior product to save $8.
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