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imo slings are highly personal preference... some people love 1 or 2 even 3... I would say try them all if you can, they all have advantages and disadvantages and each set of pros and cons may be better or worse for you, don't just go on recommendation of others until you try them.

For instance people told me not to use a 3 point with my m14, but I personally love it, but then again, I don't have a 2pt yet to compare it to, it's in the mail, and I can pick between the 2 later after I try it.

I checked out a bunch of videos to see what can be done with all 3 types and there's a huge variety of 3pts that work differently. What I like about it is that I can use it as a 2pt, and it has a quick release to change it to sort of a 1 point so I can switch strong/weak side for leaning around corners. It's not as fast as a 1pt or no sling, but with the weight of my gun, I'm not going to win any quick draw contests either and I most definitely wouldn't lead a charge, so I can take a bit of time there. One of the drawbacks to my 3pt is that there's a lot of material to get caught on my vest or behind the stock when I transition.

If your gun is smaller or lighter though, you should be considering 1 point or 2 point. If you have something longer or heavier, a 3pt will help with the weight when you lug it around.
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