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+1 to surebet's suggestion. Handle both side by side and see which one you like more. Nothing will sell you more than to actually handle it.

To be honest, I thought the P90-TR upper receiver on the TM was metal all these years... it's that sturdy. I just recently got a new one in stock, and confirmed it was plastic after I got it in my hands again. The weight and lack of cold touch gave it away, but beyond that, it's very sturdy.

I don't know, I'm biased towards TM. ;P The CA P90 I handled was also well used, which could've had the creaks develop over time.

Originally Posted by kaiu View Post
Just need to wait until I get a new poly piston head change out the aluminum piston head that comes with it just cuz...
Why bother? v6 gearboxes are damn near bomb proof. I've ran my gearbox with an aluminum piston head in it at velocities over 470fps, and there have been no problems. I don't think I've ever heard of a v6 cracking.
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