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A decent sniper riffle setup will hit 1000$ rather quickly and will still be outperformed like a boss by a a pellet gun every time. If your intention is just to plink at home, I would look more into the later. Can't shoot people with those however.

Get in touch with the NB age verification guys, it's probably going to be a bit more complicated than finding on in say Toronto, but there is an active community is your town.

About a week later you'll have access to all the private and commercial sale on this site. If your intention is to get something for casual play and plinking, 300-400$ will buy you something acceptable.

An AEG will be a better first gun, the maintenance on a model from a proper brand is near nil and will outperform the guns you are looking at.

Both of the models you have linked to are kind of a running gag over here, every new player wants them because they want to be a sniper but they are really that bad.
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