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Originally Posted by hidequick View Post
Well I'm 21 and live in frederction nb and I am not planning on going to massive 20 on 20 games I'm more than likeley going to be doing it at my 20 acre property with a few of my freiends and then just some shooting of tin cans every once in a while but i have been looking at buyairsoft and their vsr 10 has some very good reviews I may just take my chances with this one and on a side note my crappy tire had a classic army carbine aeg for 230 I may pick this up as well.
Kinda funny how many times people ask us questions on how good (Insert shitty sniper rifle clone here) is, get very honest answers on how poor a choice they are...

And they totally disregard our efforts and go ahead and buy it anyway.

But yeah. If you insist, go ahead and buy it. Just expect chopped up trigger sears, a misaligned hopup unit and poor compression.
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