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Originally Posted by Andrew1badbunny View Post
I'm moving to Canada / Toronto in the next few months and was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are or point me in the direction of Airsoft clubs around the Toronto area.

I'm used to playing in 'The mall' in Reading and as it sounds its purely cqb and is an old shopping centre turned into an airsoft site!

Also are there any laws regarding airsoft in Canada that I should be aware of?

I currently own two rifles Mauri M4 SYSTEM S and a VFC scar L plus two handguns will there be any issues with me bringing these over? Do I have to get coloured muzzles for them as in the states?

Please help

As others have said, the bad news is that you won't be able to hold on to your equipment.

The good news is you came to the right place, there are tons of awesome people here on this forum that can help you, and airsoft is quite popular in Toronto with lots of games happening every week. I've only been playing in the Toronto area for a few months and have gotten a crazy warm welcome from the players here, *tons* of help with my gear and any issues I've had, and lots of invites for the next game after, etc.

Getting AV'd on this site as soon as you get into town will help you get settled quickly. You should also be able to find some decent replacements in the buy-and-sell section. Make sure to meet with some local players face-to-face before you rush into buying anything online or on ASC's buy-and-sell section, since there are often guns to be traded/sold at games and I've seen some great deals at games lately, especially on quality gear.

When you've landed, settled, and are ready to play, give the forum a shout!
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