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Some fields have adopted the big boy rules in the GTA and Northern Ontario. Shooting up to 500fps with rifles and 550+ with sniper rifles. These fields do not allow morons and most players know each other by about 1 degree of seperation at most.

Truth be told, it is not hard to find players with the right midset for high fps, it is just hard to place high fps rules into the hands of new or moronic players.

I have played CQB games (also including large long spaces... Picton complex) with 400+ rules in effect and it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be, it is all about reasonable protection and reasonable force. Wear a face mask, wear gloves, wear long sleeve shirt, dont full auto at close range... but these are self policed rules and not enforced by the game control, and this is how it should be. It is just a shame that common sense is a superpower...

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