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They're too much trouble for their worth. So don't bother.

Price reflects quality, remember that. And generally things that come out of china without a set brand name to it aren't really of high quality. That being said, its more or less an issue with quality control. I've known people to get really nice models from them, and the majority to get unusable peices of shit that aren't worth a breath.

And judging by your post, this is probably your first airsoft gun. Before you even start, No. Don't buy a sniper rifle as your first gun. Sniper rifles are for experienced players only, and take a massive investment to get working in advantage over an AEG.

Buy an AEG, or better yet. Get age verified (If you're over 18 years of age.) and buy from the classifieds. Don't waste your money or your time on that shit.

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