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Gear and accessories is fine to bring over; BDU's, chestrigs, mags (except ones with faux rounds in them) etc.

Internal parts of your gun are fine to bring over; this includes gears, gearbox, motor, spring etc. (you can even bring in a fully assembled gearbox, but if they seize it for being a "reciever" just ask for secondary inspection by a supervisor or firearms expert).

Externals are a bit iffy. If you really want to keep your gun you'll have to ditch any prohibited parts (namely the lower receiver on the M4 (the part where the real steel counterparts serial number is located)). Everything else is pretty much fine and that includes stocks, handguards, rails, optics, etc.

PS: Hope you're doing alright and keeping your property secure. I heard about the riots in London and how they've spread all the way up to Liverpool. I have friends in Kent and it sounds like it's slowly moving towards Maidstone and towards Canterbury.

PS: Age verification is internal to this site only and has no legal bearing whatsoever. We've basically setup a self governing community of law abiding players as a precaution to try and stop much of the douchebaggery that could happen if everyone (even irresponsible adults) were to get access to airsoft guns.
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