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All parts by all brands are no problem to import with a few exceptions. One half of the receiver is prohibited, and anything that looks like a bullet or grenade cann not be imported. Its not about airsoft specifically. In Canada replica weapons are illegal, and our customs agents interpret that to mean airsoft as replica weapons. I know, its totally screwed up but airsoft is a replica untill it is proven to shoot over 430 fps, at which time it is now an uncontrolled firearm, which is legal. So if it cant hurt its illegal, but if it can anyone can have it without a license. Welcome to Canadian law. Also all of this applies to importation only, not possesion because our custom agency interprets our laws however they feel like and arent really accountable to anyone but themselves. Even upgrading your rifles to shoot over 430 and trying to import them could turn into a year long fight that has no guarantee of success. I spent 9 months trying to get the legal part of a receiver back from customs this year. Hope this clears it up a little for you
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