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Firstly, welcome to Toronto.

Good news, there are a few places in the downtown area to shoot. TTAC3 at Dupont and Ossington is my favorite. Small place with good shooters and a modular environment.
Second is CQB paintball which has community hosted games outdoors on Queen in the east end.

Now for the bad news. Sell your guns before you leave. They WILL be seized at the border. They are not lillegal to own in Canada, but importation is a very difficult area for newcomers.

Once you are age verified on ASC, you will have access to our retailers and classifieds and can buy whatever you can think of under the sun. Yes airsoft is 2x-3x more expensive than other places in the world, but we have a very solid community.

Hope this helps.

r skal rsa, s er annars vill
f ea fjr hafa. Sjaldan liggjandi lfur
lr um getur n sofandi maur sigur.
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