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not sure what people have against g&g m14s... aside from harder to find magazines... my m14 socom max has a pretty solid looking gearbox from the looks of it, the only weakness I can immediately see is the piston that has only the first tooth that's metal. everything else is all metal. But then again, that's me as a first time AEG owner taking it apart and comparing it to what people have said in the past about g&g m14s.

So far so good, no issue after about 1500 rounds through it.

my only other complaint and I consider it minor because not everyone will sling their gun, is with the front sling mount, the plugs that hold it in are pretty soft, if you had the gun on a sling and you did a hard drop or bump, you could tear the plugs through the mounting holes.. It only took me 5 minutes and a screwdriver to bend the soft metal back from the expansion plug and push them out of the stock. these are easily replaced with some lock nuts, washers and small bolts, or in my case, a whole rail system. The top heat shield has a tiny bit of wobble because of the hole in it for the rail, but that's to be expected from plastic.

and yes, I am responding to older posts in the thread, but I figure I'd put a good word in for the max m14. It shot 435 on .25s out of the box, the included m100 spring brought it below 400 but I have yet to measure it accurately.

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