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Originally Posted by rufus
Originally Posted by Agit-Prop
Originally Posted by mykill666
not one wanting to argue with everyone but im pretty sure its an m14.. had a Dragon - 12'' Black Hawk Down Sniper set. (pretty much a really cool looking GI Joe) and it said it was an m14 on the box... so im going with that.
Unless your doll (or doll maker) was actually in Mogadishu to witness it, I'll take the word of the encyclopedia link...
And I'm going to take the word of Mark Bowden and the inteviewed soldiers that were there
They probally refered to it as an m14 just because its simpler to say it that way. They are correct in a way, it is a m14 at its core, but the "sniper" classification is an m21, and the updated version with the new stock is called a m25. So no one is really wrong, and m25 is a type of m14.
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