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Sorry, but being from Calgary I need to correct your post. The store your refering too is 911 Supply. They sell mostly Police issued duty gear and equipment, with a large selection of 5.11 gear as well as boots, and bags.

The other store in Calgary is Seals Action Gear. They sell tactical and Military gear. Usually high end stuff, and the price will reflect that.

The third and lesser known store is Crown Surplus. In addition to phenomenal Military surplus goods, they have an excellent selection of brand new BDU's, boots, tactical gear, and other items. Their website is They will be bringing in a selection of Tru-spec uniforms and some of the Issued Arid MARPAT, as confirmed by the owner last week.

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Let me be clear it doesn't extend to non weapon items, just that the other retailers that come to mind also sell guns.

Actually other websites for gear (that also don't sell guns) include 911 Tactical (Calgary), Dropzone Tactical (Edmonton), and Army Issue (Toronto).

911 and Dropzone sells "issue" stuff so it will be a bit more expensive than the replica stuff, but built to last. Personally for me I mostly buy replica/cheaper stuff and to be honest we don't really run our gear hard like they do in real life so it might be beneficial to "buy cheap and buy twice", or buy cheap and buy 2 different sets of cheaper camo/gear.

Also, you should note that the gear and accessories classifieds section is open to non AV'ed members so have a look through there and see if there's anything you like.
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