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Originally Posted by deejko View Post
Hey guys,

So if i run a 20C 7,4 LiPo in my ICS PCR-97 with Guarder tuneup kit (400FPS), it will be "safe"? Or do I need a mosfet? I'd never run a 11,1 LiPo.
What is the mah rating on that battery?

a MOSFET switch is preferred, because its typically the next step up on the "energy efficiency" upgrade list before upgrading to LiPo.
It'll increase your rate of fire by a little bit, generally 100rpm, and increase your battery life.

If you want a SAFE system, you'll want either a simple low voltage alarm hooked up to the LiPo, or a PCB which does the same thing, but hooks up to the MOSFET and makes teh gun stop firing when the voltage is too low.

Just make sure there's a safety device in place to 1) prevent over-discharge and 2) over current draw
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