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If you're looking for "in Canada" stuff that will take normal shipping time to get to you then a few places come to mind. Warfighter Tactical comes to mind being in Manitoba.

I would advise if you want ICE Tactical pouches (or other goods). They carry a selection of ICE equipment however they will run you a fair amount seeing as it's "real" gear that can be used by people actually in the military or whatnot.

Their websites stock doesn't reflect their actual stock and I'm not sure if they're able to do shipping out of orders just yet but send the owner an email and see.

I would however best advise you to maybe consider purchasing off the used classifieds for gear and such if you're on a budget. Vests, pouches, and other gear/accessories can be had for a fair deal (you just have to know what to look for and be patient).

Everything else can be found in the AV only section, or the websites that are listed there. I don't think I can say any more than that (sorry this is in a public section where anyone can see it and you're not AV'ed yet).
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