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Finally committing to airsoft - recommended websites for equipment?

Hello everyone.

I've been participating in airsoft games for about two years on and off, and have finally decided it's time to begin purchasing my own equipment such that I can attend larger and more varied games more or less independently (versus working off rentals ad infinitum), and dig my roots a bit deeper into the community.

I'm holding off on purchasing an AEG for now (though I know the brand and model I'm looking for, and my age verification is currently pending), but in the meantime I plan to look into a satisfactory vest/chest rig, and BDU. (Boots I'm certain I can track down locally.)

I've done considerable research to this point to the best of my ability, but that can only go so far. If possible, I'd like to gather some actual feedback and recommendations - or warnings - from community members who have far greater experience than I dealing in airsoft. Namely, I would like to know what websites you would recommend (or conversely avoid) to order apparel and other gear from on variables such as product quality, shipping reliability, etc.

I've looked around locally (I'm situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba), but any available retailers here don't seem to carry that wide a variety (not to mention their wares are overpriced).

As a final note, if there is already a thread addressing such an issue as this, please do kindly direct me to it. Admittedly, I am still quite new here, and the amount of information available is a bit dizzying, so I may have passed a similar topic over (despite searching beforehand).

Thank you for your time and patience, and I appreciate any advice you can offer me.
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