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Giving my opinion, cause everyone always does;

I think the only way to make that work, necessarily, is to have that food be an element on the field during a milsim game. Having a crate filled with steak and mashed potatos on the field as an actual in game set of items would be the only real way to make it 'fair.' First team to actually eat it simply eats it. Anything else will just have massive potential to irritate; it's really hard to guage which team "wins" but it's not really hard to determine who is walking off with the box filled with of noms.

It was like how at Last Call they had stuck a beer inside of one of the ammo crates. It wasn't necessarily a game element, or worth any points... It was merely beer in the field. If it were cold, and there were more of them, I'm sure people would have made it a personal objective to assault the team carrying the two-four.
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