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Okay I can respect all that ever one has said. I just wanted to toss out an idea and maybe it was not a very good idea.

it's just that back when I was in scouts, on camping trip the Scout leaders would plan games for us and some time the winning team would get extra serving of food or the losing team would do the dishs, just as an example.

it was their way to try to motivate us and I just thought that why can't that way of thinking work in airsoft.

the idea is that if there was some sort of prize or reward ( other then bragging rights) that a team could stride for, they might try harder and play harder to get said prize. But I respect that playing the game is it's own reward.

And as Brian McIlmoyle said
Besides.. in most airsoft games I have participated in there were no clear cut winners and losers ..

certainly not clear cut that anyone would be content eating rotdogs over steak.

anyway... don't think this idea has any legs ..
thanks for you time
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