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I'm 16 y.o.
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Seems both dad and son are in on this together, I don't see any issues about this or the underaged thing. So, from here, it's the dad's responsibility to monitor his son's use and procurement of airsoft guns. This topic moving towards age of the OP is over as far as I'm concerned (because it's a sniper gear info thread and not a "Where to buy since I'm underaged" thread) it falls into my lap to comment and quel the nitpicking, not because of my reputation across the country, but because of my status as Level III Certified Sniper and as registered Instructor in sniping within Canada. I've never use these qualifications for anything, don't advertise on my sig or even try as an attempt to circumvent field fps rules (I run my rifle at 397fps using 0.20g, even though I have clearance to run up to 600fps if I wanted to)......... therefore I have been given, and is nationally accepted, my order to "STFU!" Let's treat the new people with respect, they have cleared up the log in issue and admitted mistakes, time for the rest of you to settle down and collectively help answer questions. I did my part when I posted, even seeing the "16 Y.O." under Dual Glocks name, everyone here should treat the topic as it is and shove the flamethrower up your ass, it doesn't belong here.

Nutshell, this thread is about helping an underaged player with questions about his rig, set up, gear, etc. His father is involved, therefore supervised, all chatter about his son's age and where he can play, up to dad's judgement, not mine or yours. So from here on out, let's keep the thread to answering questions and providing info (for these two, and as a searchable item for future cases). We encourage this sort of thing around here, as well as searching for previously answered questions, let's all try to keep this thread out of the shitter and get back on track.

Or, I will go step on a BB and make you call hit, wherever you are!!!!
Well thank you. Well at least you get the point and you know to act with it. Like you said we sorted out all that happened, and everything is good, this is about my load out help, not where i get my guns from, where i play, ect.. In the end im a very serious Player as i played tactical milsim paintball for 6-7 years and now play airsoft and have a lot of money into it, i don't like to fool around. But thanks for the strong defense Stalker.

Im thinking ill just pm you and we can talk there, thanks again!
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