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Originally Posted by Debrief View Post
This kid goes on his father's profile (NetPro) to buy guns off the classifieds, and bypasses the AV system in the process. It looks like he forgot to switch profiles.

I reported this to admins, but they don't seem to give a shit. Neither do the retailers that are dealing with a 16 year old.
For your idea, this is the owner of the account, Dwayne, i started going on Airsoft Canada with my son, as i like to see what he wants to buys, and i help him out with his purchases. Yes we were looking at guns, and we commented back on the wrong profile, as we are on an ipad and not a computer, so we share. So if any of the mods or you have a problem with this, pm me and we can talk. Im not good on forums, as that is why we were on together as he knows his way around these forums. So yes, he did comment back, but as soon as he seen he did do it the wrong account he got me to come comment on this. So sorry for this, i will be on my account later if any has any problems, as well as he will be switching arounds, thank you.

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