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Sniper Loadout

Hey, I was looking at my loadout with all the gear, pouches ect.. and im trying to think and make the best configurations i can, so here's the stuff ill be carrying:

Sniper Rifle
Secondary - Shotgun or pistol
Speed Loader x2 - One with bbs for rifle and one with bbs for shotgun or pistol
Small spotting scope
Sling for Rifle

For Pouches:
2 Zip up pouches that work great for holding my stuff

Now, here is where im stuck i dont know how to carry all of this, i have tried a chest rig, but i dont like them as everything is on the front, i dont want it on the front as your in prone most of the time and crushing stuff and hard to get to, i want the stuff on my sides and back. So i tried turning the chest rig backwards, but i dont like the fit, but the set up in positions isn't to bad. So i was thinking i need either a good battle belt that you can molle stuff to, or a plate carrier.

So any idea's what i should use for a vest system?

Also, should i carry a pistol or shotgun? Shotgun is bigger, but with the scapbboard on your back you can not feel it there. Pistol is smaller, but also heavier. Shotgun spring, pistol gas? ect..

Just want some input on these, thanks every!
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