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My bank contacted me today and advised that my credit card had been compromised. I made a purchase from the ESS online store on June 29th, I wish I had read this topic before I purchased from them.

I have reason to believe that my CC info was compromised as a result of my purchase from ESS, as it was the only transaction on my CC that was not reoccurring for me (ie cell phone bill, car insurance,etc), and I have not received any notice from my regular vendors. Luckily, I have not noticed any erroneous charges to my CC, yet.

I advise continued caution with ESS's website, and any online purchase. I will be getting a prepaid CC for all future purchases.

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I looked to my credit card bill friday and i saw a trasaction for 326$ from a online shop in england and I never bought something there... My bank called me on friday afternoon and they said that someone tried to use my credit card twice for 326$, so they blocked it. They told me that I was propably hacked so they started and investigation....

And I received this in a email on saturday....

For those who bought something on ESS online store ( ) check your credit card bill to make sure there is no problem with you.
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