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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
BTW, always sample the MRE's before you take them out for a meal during airsoft or out camping. Some are pleasantly tasty but others are downright disgusting.
the military is not supposed to make any comment about what they eat.
However, I know for a fact that US troops used to go negociate with French troops during Desert Storm to buy them decent food instead of the crap they got.

your lunch is going to be dependent on how well you and the rest of you team did that day
honestly this doesn't make any sense in my airsoft world beyond the vaguely fun proposition of paying beer for the winners.the BBQ at the end of the day and playing are two different, unrelated things.It makes me think of LARP.
I suggest singing a song, and the nicest voice gets the steak.Or the most powerful fart.
or a dice roll?
where is airsoft in that?
seriously wtf.
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