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The Winning team Eats

I have never been in the military, but over my years I have learned that the military and other Groups have use Food as a way motivate people and to raise moral in their ranks.

Now this got me to thinking, I know at the flag raiders games in Kitchener, they have free hotdogs come lunch time and I've read and seen that at some other airsoft game they have a full BBQ, with roast beef, salad and all the fixing, but I was wondering if their was a games day where what your lunch is going to be dependent on how well you and the rest of you team did that day.

Winners get real food, losers have to eat MRE.

Now just because it's relevant to this discussion, I did a quick google search for MRE and I found that a person can get a 12 case of MRE's for around $84 that's roughly $7 a meal.

I don't know how much a BBQ cost per person, but I can guess that it might be around the same if not a little bit more.

I just thought because, I have discussion with friend that are campers and they some time take with them MRE's on their trips, and they have told me that while they are not bad tasting, they would prefer the taste of real fresh cooked food over a MRE any day.

An I thought that this idea could add another element to the game of airsoft, as like I said at the beginning of this post, many groups have learned to use food as a way to motivate their employes and in the military their troops.
Food has a way of keeping up moral as a reward. Cause who does not like indulge in their favorite meal ever once in a while.

well that's it for me
Looking forward to your thoughts.
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