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Originally Posted by Brunkex View Post
Okay. So I got the JG "Dragon" for $100 bucks. I'm going to end up getting the CA M15A4 as you suggested Kuro_Neko. I'm still waiting to hear back from Crunchmeister on getting age verified as he's the closest person to me. I'm going to convert the Dragon to a Full M4. Would there be people who could do this for me, as long as I paid for their time, as well as all the parts?
Glad I could help.

There are indeed people that could do that work for you. But if you went that route, you'd end up paying more then what a new JG M4 would cost. At least $100 for the parts, probably round $60 for the gundoc, and then there's the shipping to the doc and back, probably another $100. If you add in the $100 you paid for the Dragon, that total's $360. You could get a new JG M4 for about $300. But if you do it yourself, especially if you're not in a hurry, you could probably do a decent job for less then $100, maybe even less then $80. Once you get AV'ed, keep an eye on the classifieds for the exterior parts you need available for cheap. Exterior work is pretty easy to do yourself with the help of the internet. The work you really want to be leery of is inside the mechbox.
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