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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
Hi Anthony,

I don't want to go too far off topic here, but I hope you're still holding on.. Your AV will go through and I'm sure it'll be worth it. If you're looking to play, you could always attend games in your area and simply bring ID in case anyone doubts your age (and rent a GBB if you ask around).

I'll also add that the rush to play in late July and early August might be misplaced, I've been to a game every weekend in the last several weeks and it's been 30C+ out each and every time.

Nothin wrong with playing in the fall

I have already been to a few events including July 23ed at Defcon, and this past weekend at TTAC3 and Flag Raiders. The weather has been hot has hell, i can deff agree with that. I'm auctions to play now because during the last week of august I begin my graduate studies and I'm not sure how much free time I will have on my hands.
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