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Originally Posted by anthon View Post
I just have a quick question about the AV process. I gave in my info for Age Vitrification to a member here on July 23ed and I still have not gotten the status updated. In the AV forum it says it should take a few days...its been 2 weeks. I have been looking to buy a GBB Pistol, and would like to be able to play with it before the summer is over, but I am still waiting to get the status updated on my account. I contacted the AV'er a few days after we met and he said my info had been submitted. I continually read about how one should check the AV sections of the forum to purchase weapons and I am in dire need of a sidearm. If there is some sort of way to update me or something on this process that would be great!


Hi Anthony,

I don't want to go too far off topic here, but I hope you're still holding on.. Your AV will go through and I'm sure it'll be worth it. If you're looking to play, you could always attend games in your area and simply bring ID in case anyone doubts your age (and rent a GBB if you ask around).

I'll also add that the rush to play in late July and early August might be misplaced, I've been to a game every weekend in the last several weeks and it's been 30C+ out each and every time.

Nothin wrong with playing in the fall
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