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How long for AV status to appear on site, been waiting 2 weeks?

I just have a quick question about the AV process. I gave in my info for Age Vitrification to a member here on July 23ed and I still have not gotten the status updated. In the AV forum it says it should take a few days...its been 2 weeks. I have been looking to buy a GBB Pistol, and would like to be able to play with it before the summer is over, but I am still waiting to get the status updated on my account. I contacted the AV'er a few days after we met and he said my info had been submitted. I continually read about how one should check the AV sections of the forum to purchase weapons and I am in dire need of a sidearm. If there is some sort of way to update me or something on this process that would be great!


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