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I think it has to be said too ... it may not make sense... but theres a difference in a rental, and a loaner. with the 2 groups I play with mainly ... a brand new person, it's like crack, first hits free lol (and that's gun, battery, hicap, ammo, goggles) ....

personally if all they need is the gun (battery and a hicap) I charge $10 (cover my field fee) if they need ammo for the day +$5 ...

now on the flip side of that if it's someone that wants to use one of "MY" guns either to try something new, or a experiment in a different role , etc ... I will charge up to $50 depending what it is (aka a tuned/tweaked M14 .. or a LMG) ... but if it's something specific for a serious sim again generally just cover my field fee

on the side of paying for repairs.... it's generally a case by case ... wear and tear to the insides... yeah rental fees should cover that. if you carelessly smash a mag in and bust a feeding nozzle, not paying attention and snap the barrel or stock off, or don't listen and use shit bb's and wreck something inside ... hear a grinding noise but continue to play without saying anything or caring.... 1. your footing the repair 2. if the repair is becuase of carelessness (ei not listening, not reporting, or using the gun to open a door or stop your slide down a hill like in a movie) your covering the repairs AND your never touching my guns again.

does the above make me an ass ... I guess, but well it's an extreme example and I've only ever seen it on the field once in like 3 years.
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