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The simple answer is that you'll need to swap the spring out of your AEG to lower the FPS.

FPS field limits are ALWAYS measured with 0.20g BB (not the 0.25's you're using)....UNLESS otherwise stated.

That're better off using 0.25/0.28/0.30's to play with. So chrony with 0.20' with heavier ones.

Your AK will come apart much like most others...refer to or just google "[your model] disassembly"

Fair warning...don't try to fiddle with your mechbox the night before a almost never works out

For 300-350...just stick with a M90 or M100 spring
For 340-370...M110
For 390-420...M120

The speed will depend on your setup/ err on the low side just in case
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