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Originally Posted by Troy T. Moore View Post
I have 3 CYMA AK74Us that I bought specifically for renting out. My goal is to get people hooked, not make money in rentals. I want people to buy their own guns and join the playing in our area.

I supply an AEG, battery, hi-cap, mask, camo jacket, and 1000 BBs for $30. I have spare batteries if the first one dies (included in rental price) and more BBs for sale.

I tell people to break the guns fall with their body. If internals go it is wear and tear. If externals is assessed on a case by case basis. So far a muzzle/flash hider has snapped off of one. Pot metal and poor design are the culprit, not abuse. Taped on and it still works fine, just not as pretty.

People will ALWAYS treat something they own better than something they rent... I hope to be an enabler for people to get hooked on the game and buy their own gun and gear...
That's a decent approach.

Personally...I don't think rentals should be more than the cost of the game (be it $20, 30, 35, etc...).

I do think rentals should include at a min a working AEG, sufficient batteries to shoot all that the renter wants, loader, enough mags to suit the game(s), and you should be able to sell the guy a full bag of BBs if there aren't any for sale at the game (OR better should just let him fill up from your BBs with your loader).

If you're paying more than that....someone's more interested in making a buck off your situation vs. helping someone out.

I disagree with the "IF you break it you pay for it" approach. Either charge more up front and eat the expenses if they come up...or assume the risk if something goes wrong. Or don't rent out your stuff if you can't stomach that.

If someone puts the "You break it you bought it" pitch to for the hills. And if they're offering you that deal with a beat up used Kraken...toss them a $20 and keep the gun.....'cause that's what a beat up Kraken is worth
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